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Development status

(Raster) Well now we've had enough of the 0.15 series 0.16 development should be in full swing. Now to stuff you all like to hear... what's being done.

First - Mandrake is actually back and coding again - so hopefully E development won't be almost primarily a one-man-band anymore.

And now to what's being done. Mandrake is working on adding LOTS of commands to IPC - also adding http stuff to E so it can look at http stuff - this is also tied in with autoupgrade - a feature that will (if enabled) allow E to automatically inform you of bugfixes, patches, updates, new versions etc. when they happen, by checking official pages and their contents and informing you of it. All in the name of more user friendliness. Of course this will only work if you are on the 'net, and only if you enable it.

As for me - I've added a complete pager system to E with Drag and Drop functionality - zooming miniatures of windows, also non shapshot mode, with optional anti-aliased high-quality snapshotting resizablity, movability by the user, And all the rest you'd expect. I've done some fixing here and there too - added some little things that I've already forgotten what they were... I'm considering making BrushedMetal the default theme... I think Tigert did an amazingly good job on it.

Also last weekend I added the start of a widget table packer into the dialogs and some widgets to be packed - label, button, checkbutton, radiobutton, image and separator widgets are all done and work.. and if you check E's root menu you'll find a submenu now "Settings" that has all the settings dialogs spawned when you select them - it's not all done yet - but it's a demonstration of what's happening. Basically you will be able to configure much of E form within E itself - since I need these widgets anyway for the functionality of E - I'm recycling them to do configuration too - infact thats the first use for them. I also plan on adding scrolled windows (containers) to the widget collection and then I'll redo the iconification thing to use an icon box that has lots of configuration options.. :) then I'll look at redoing a lot of the dock app support stuff too.... add more mini widgets to E.. and just make it better.. then fix all the little bugs that appear.. and then release again.. :)

I'm also looking at doing basic file maanagement support in E - this will probably have to wait till the above stuff is done and solidified a bit - it will need some of the widgets from the above work... :)

E 0.15.5 patchlevel is out!

(Raster) Well 0.15.5 is out - this will be the last patchlevel release for 0.15 (hopefully) so we can get right into 0.16 features... (and for those pining for the pager - it's not turned on in this release because it's a 0.16 fetaure and doesnt belong in 0.15.* - you'll need to stick to CVS to get it to go). This should fix all those last lingering problems (I hope) and should have this all usable and working.

E 0.15.4 patchlevel release is out

(Mandrake) well - let's try to slow these releases down just a bit. I think that most of the potentially bad bugs are gone now. this release will fix a potential crash with translucent move mode, as well as the resizing of shaped and borderless windows. Hopefully I can stop fixing bugs and relax for a couple of days while my friend is in town.

E 0.15.3 is OUT!!!

(Raster) Yet another release - this one fixes a segfault problem again.. with xeyes and other "don't take focus" clients. Also fixes a manual placement bug as well as alt-button-binding stuff when in click-to-focus :)

E 0.15.2 is OUT!!!

(Raster) And again.. another patchlevel - this shoudl fix a minor problem with "double clicking on the root window to brign up menus with middle mouse" :)

E 0.15.1 is OUT!!!

(Raster) Well asexpected.. it was inevitable... 0.15.1 patchlevel is out... it fixes accidentaal deletion of alreaday untarred themes that don't pass the sanity test, fixes a 64-bit architecture problem (due to screwed X headers), fixes alt-right mouse on windows to actually keep the menu up, and the mouse click not working after a menu is selected sometimes problem. Also the docs have some more meat to them.

E 0.15 is OUT!!!

(Raster) Finally it's out. This isn't the end of E development. It's just a stage of development... but a usable stage. You can all try it out and play.

New GUI Config tool...

(Raster) There is now e-conf available for standalone-build. It requires gnome but will run by itself in a window if run standalone (run e-conf) - there are rpm's of e-conf and needed rpms and source tarballs of all these too in ftp://www.rasterman.com/pub/enlightenment/daily-snaps/. e-conf is what you want. Play with it and enjoy - PLEASE NOTE. It is NOT finished.

Snap should fix things...

(Raster) Well after a focus bug fiasco I think I spotted it whilst rummaging some of the focus code... and I think I fixed it. The current (today's) snap SHOULD fix this. Also are some other fixes. Yes I know unsticking a sticky window will drop it back to its original desktop not the current one - I'll look into that next. For now enjoy the new snaps.

More snaps...

(Raster) More daily snaps went up today with several bug fixes, cleanups and some optimisations even. x86 rpms, src rpm's and tarballs are available from ftp://www.rasterman.com/pub/enlightenment/daily-snaps/. Have fun.

Keep the reports rolling

(Raster) Thankyou for the bug reports / patches I've recieved sofar - it's great. I may be a bit quiet in replying to mail - I'm just not able to keep up, so if you haven't gotten a reply it's probably because i simply cannto find the time to reply to every piece of mail I get - but I do read them and any bug reports and those that are important are put on my ever growing list.

There was no snapshot of E yesterday primarily because the CVS server was down for maintinence for the day. There won't be any more snaps after today till next monday or tuesday, so please take note.

E is still kicking...

(Raster) It's about time. daily snaps will keep going - as they are but I'd like people who know how to use gdb and send patches to download them and test them - if you have a problem mail me at raster@rasterman.com with all the details you can.

If you haven't guessed - this is part of a leadup to a 0.15 release. I don't want ugly bugs in 0.15 - I want it to be a fast, stable, usable version people can rely on for quite a qhile whilst 0.16 development happens.

This means of course 0.15 release is coming - basically when I'm through my small slew of features to add/fix and some of the default config to cleanup it's into deep freeze where all I do is find bugs and fix - I want to begin that now in tandem so I get all the reports I can and all the patches I can. When I believe there isn't anything left to be found and fixed, it's release time.

Daily snaps easier to install

(Raster) as of 2 days ago I started doing daily snaps by hand - that means "make dist". It means you do not need automake, autoconf etc. to install E.

Go to ftp://www.rasterman.com/pub/enlightenment/daily-snaps/ and get the latest file. Files are in the format:


Where date is YYMMDD (Year, Month, Day). To install these snapshots all you need to do is (for example)

~/ mv enlightenment-0.15.0-990109.tar.gz /tmp
~/ su -
/home/user # cd /tmp
/tmp/ # tar zxvf enlightenment-0.15.0-990109.tar.gz
/tmp/ # cd enlightenment-0.15.0
/tmp/ # ./configure --prefix=/usr
/tmp/ # make install

Server down and depreciated

(Raster) It seems like ftp.enlightenment.org (which is Mandrake's machine) has been brought down. The machine is alive but all network services have been disabled. I have no control over this. The reason for downage is still unknown at this point.

As a result all links have been changed and all services are now running off the original www.rasterman.com. Use http://www.rasterman.com for the web page for Enlightenment and ftp://www.rasterman.com/pub/enlightenment as the location for FTP for Enlightenment from now on.

New Look Online

After much procrastination - a new look hit the streets - should be easier to read and more pleasing on the eyes. E 0.15 is coming along and moving to tying up all the lose ends getting read for a release just as soon as that is done.

Site Overhaul Soon

The online documentation has a slight face lift, although this is only a first step towards a reorganisation of its structure. The rest of the website will soon have another look as well. The plan is a new aesthetic, and a hopefully a better functionality in serving your needs.

Debian CVS snapshots

Since Shaleh has stepped down, Brian Almeida (the User Formerly Known As Tynian :) has taken over as the uber-E maintainer and has made available Debian snapshots of CVS E15 for those of you of the Debian persuasion hunting for a bit of fun. Llibra will purportedly be taken on as official E maintainer Real Soon Now.

Press Interview

Linux Power has an interview online concerning Raster's and Mandrake's plans for Enlightenment. Also appearing in the interview is Technoir, best known for piecing together Hand of God, and putting together an centralised theme repository, whom most of you probably know from the IRC channel #E. Announcements and conversation about this is also online at Slashdot. It also has a nice summary of the features now under development in CVS, which will be released as E15. Root Menus, Tooltips, and Icon containers are slated to be complete with this release.

E.Themes.Org Now Online

Themes.Org now has an Enlightenment section online. They promise to be both a repository of Enlightenment themes, general pointers to everything, and possibly a knowledge bank. They host a message board for the users, just like Technoir's Nethead used to, which is replaced by this resource. Congratulations to Technoir and Keebler, the co-maintainers! Visit them and show your support for their efforts.

One-Stop World Domination Tour

The Enlightenment development team are going to appear at the Atlanta Linux Showcase and rock the house with all of your other favourite speakers and exhibits looking on. They will be demoing Enlightenment, and explaining the mysteries of philosophy that make it up, as well as showing you some of the Higher Mysteries of achieving Enlightenment.

You can scarf tickets online now . They're $35US for students, and $60US for everybody else. You've seen the code, and now you can press the flesh and maybe give Mandrake that Bass Ale he's always talking about. Our boys' declaration of conquest can be found there too.

E15 CVS Watch

Eterm and Project Resurrection have both entered the GNOME CVS repository. Eterm is now sporting a pseudo-transparency option and selectable shading tint for a better contrast for text. Technoir's Nethead and the official E mirrors are also hosting snapshots.

Enlightenment E15-CVS itself has developed a few new features and hints at a very rich feature set for its official unveiling. Iconisation now has the beginnings of some Icon bounding box, and docking organization code, better restart states, as well as tooltips. While these are currently somewhat vestigal, Raster and Mandrake are probably pushing to put them all in the official E15 release. And last but not least, for our BSD friends and boxes, E15 promises to be downright friendly to your compilers.

E15 CVS Watch

The latest news is that iconisation is now relatively complete, the archive itself has shrunk dramatically due to a culling of the less viable TrueType fonts, and a new set of window borders that deal specifically with X terminals are in the default theme. While less "dramatic", Raster has been spending most of the last weekend cleaning up the code, making it more efficient, and putting on his "Bughunter" cap to see if it still fits. [grins]

E15 CVS Watch

For those of you who partake of the virtues of the GNOME CVS repository, or of the latest Enlightenment snapshots, the filesize has jumped to an incredible whopping 5MB! The reason? A bundled assortment of TrueType fonts that you can use from within Enlightenment for spicing up those windows. Also new in CVS: Iconisation and the beginnings of a docking unit for WindowMaker apps. I think we are going to be seeing a distinct rise in new themes soon... Oh, and Technoir has made the ChangeLog available for us.

Documentation Online

We have new online documentation for Enlightenment 14. It's a FAQ, but it also has aspirations of being comprehensive. If you've had problems installing, compiling, or using Enlightenment, this will be the resource for you. Czech it out, watch it grow daily!

Enlightenment 0.14.0 Release

The long awaited release of the 14th development cycle has hit the net! Grab it while it's still too hot to eat!

For those who think that the latest release will be less stable than the previous versions... try it out and see.

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