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Time To Rethink Everything

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a Window Manager for the X Windowing System (a GUI system that runs over unix). It is written on a very simple premise - the user should maintain control of his desktop at all times.

Why should you have to change window managers every few weeks when you need some new feature? You should be able to embed the feature into it or be able to find someone else who can or has already done so. The exact look and feel of your desktop should be left to you, given an infinite number of options from a highly customizable definition language.

Everything from simple backgrounds to the multiple border decoration styles surrounding the various windows on your desktop can be defined and modified until you are satisfied with its graphical layout and behaviour. No other window manager offers you this amount or kind of possibility without throwing all concern for speed and consistency out the window. Enlightenment has been written completely from scratch, twice. Thus it is heir to none of the code many other window managers have taken from the venerable FVWM, nor any of its inhereited limitations.

A note to those whose interest was perked

You should be aware at this point that Enlightenment is experimental and still in a development cycle. It has come along way since the early FVWM-xpm days (having been rewritten entirely from scratch as of 0.1) but we aren't satisfied enough with it yet to declare a 1.0 release. If you're not ready to tackle with your box on occasion or have the rules of the game turned over a few times, occasionally see big huge and nasty bugs, or have to cope with your system occasionally cutting out on you, then Enlightenment isn't for you (yet - remember we're still in ALPHA here!).

However, if you're like me and live on your PC, and CRAVE for your desktop to do the things YOU want it to do and LOOK how YOU want it to look, I don't know how you can go to the extreme more than with Enlightenment. By the time we've reached 1.0, you'll never be able to look at another window manager or GUI the same way.

Enlightenment is available for download from our download page, so go there to snag anything you need.

Copyright and Free Software

Enlightenment is copyrighted by their respective owners under the GNU GPL. If you don't believe in free software now, then you ought to. Because it works. Because it makes things happen. Because if it wasn't for free software, you wouldn't even have any of this cool stuff to play with in the first place. E is freeware and the authors do not take any responsibility for your computer growing limbs and mutilating cattle in your neighborhood nor anything else that could happen as a result of the installation and/or usage of the software (unless it happens to make you popular or rich and famous, in which case we have no problem taking all the credit and anything that comes from it).

Enlightenment is ©1998 Carsten Haitzler and Geoff Harrison
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